Shayan Italia

Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Musician/Songwriter in Mumbai, India

Shayan Italia

Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Musician/Songwriter in Mumbai, India

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Shayan Italia, also known by his stage name Shayan (pronounced 'shy-yan'), is an Indian-born International multi-award winning British singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. He gained publicity by selling portions of his future earnings on eBay and with his song "Reflection". He is only one of a handful of individuals from India to be interviewed by Sir David Frost. Feel, his album is a collection of 12 songs honouring his Mother who died from Multiple Myeloma. The ambitious production features a production crew of 135 musicians, vocalists, engineers, arrangers and multi-Grammy, Emmy and Brit award winning producers. Feel, as a body of work, is personal and not for commercial release. As a free give away, the album has garnered over 47 million downloads worldwide as of 01 January 2016 and is under consideration to be made into a Broadway musical.

Shayan started Biryani360 in Mumbai on 1 March 2015, a critically acclaimed food delivery service rated as Forbes Best Food Delivery Startup India, CNBC Best Online StartupFood Delivery, TimesCity's 5 Food Startups You Need To Try, Best Takeaway Food Joints in Mumbai, Economic Times’ 5 Internet Startups That Have Become Household Names and was recently honoured as one of the Hot 100 Tech Startups at the Exhibit Awards 2016 that took place on 9 March 2016 in Bengaluru.

In March 2016, Biryani360 was acquired by an International Michelin Star restaurant group to infuse its flagship recipes into their own menu allowing them to branch out into Indian Cuisine.

Post his parent's death, Shayan has been actively associated with multiple causes globally relating to Cancer Research and Multiple Sclerosis and has helped raise funds privately for the same.

Published Quotes:

"If someone tells you something cannot be done, it's just their way of saying they cannot do it" - Shayan Italia

"Those who start later; tend to achieve greater" - Shayan Italia

“It’s not what you say, but what you do, that defines your individuality” - Shayan Italia

"Always move forward. Never live in the past. There's a reason why the alpha predator on Earth is a Great White Shark" - Shayan Italia

  • Education
    • The Doon School
    • University of Westminster